The Story of the Moon

Moein Hosseini
2 min readJun 18, 2021

Roger. Clock. (Neil A. Armstrong)

Roger. We got a roll program. (Neil A. Armstrong)

Roger. Roll. (Michael Collins)

Roll’s complete and the pitch is programed. (Neil A. Armstrong)

Apollo 11 at 1500 feet. (Neil A. Armstrong)

Hornet. Roger. Copy. Out. (USS Hornet)

Swim 1. Have a visual dead ahead about a mile? (SWIM 1)

Hornet. Roger. (USS Hornet)

Roger. This is SWIM 1, Apollo 11. (SWIM 1)

300 feet. (Neil A. Armstrong)

Roger. You’re looking real good. (SWIM 1)

Years ago humanity took the first steps on the moon. This couldn’t have happened without the courage of people who risked their lives to fulfil the human desire to reach the moon. The above quote is a part of the Air-to-Ground voice transmission from the Apollo 11 mission.

The story of the moon is an artwork that is built literally using the transcription of that technical communication. It demonstrates all the sensitive, stressful and joyful moments of the successful landing by Armstrong, Collins and ALdrin.

The original file is a 390-megapixel (22550x17300) image that allows you to zoom in all over it and read the whole transcribed communication.

The file size of the image is 89MB, therefore what you’re seeing in this page is its thumbnail. To download the original file you may use the following IPFS QmHash or the direct HTTP link.



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